SA8000 Certified Organisations

Certification Statistics

The full SA8000-Certified Organizations list can be downloaded in Excel format
The list contains SA8000-certified organizations certified through: December 31, 2019, with ongoing updates. 
The list is updated as new information is submitted to SAAS.  Last updated: March 10, 2020. 
SA8000 summary statistics, below, are updated quarterly. 
 Number of Employees2,092,945
 Certified Facilities4,483
 Countries Represented61
 Industries Represented57
 Previous Quarter Only 
New Certifications256

 Full Year, 2019

 New Certifications1001
 Certified Facilities (By Size)  
 Workers EmployedNumber of Facilities % Total
1 - 2577117.2%
26 - 100142331.7%
101 - 25089920.1%
251 - 50056112.5%
501 - 800280 6.2%
801 - 1200 187 4.2%
1201 - 2000 132 2.9%
2001 - 3000 95 2.1%
3001 - 6000 81 1.8%
6001 - 10,000 30 0.7%
10,001 - 15,000 8 0.2%
15,001+8 0.2%






Additional Information
In the interest of transparency, SAAS assists SAI in making data available about SA8000-certified organisations. Every quarter CBs are required to submit a list of all currently certified SA8000 organisations.  This list informs SAAS of any new organisations that have been certified, and, from this data, SAAS is able to identify trends in certification across industries and countries, as well as see the number of workers that are impacted by certification. 

This public list is intended for verification of SA8000-certification and does not include the organisation's contact information.  The list includes those that have been reported to SAAS as currently certified. In response to the expectations of SA8000 users, beginning in March 2017, the certified organisation's list shows those organisations that are currently and were formerly certified, plus additional certification details, in addition to information previously included. We hope stakeholders find this useful. For further information about the status of certified organisations, please contact SAAS directly

Stakeholders wishing to validate an SA8000 certificate may contact the issuing Certification Body directly. In compliance with accreditation requirements, all SAAS-accredited Certification Bodies are required to provide public access to the certification status of any organization.

All stakeholders in receipt of an SA8000 certificate seeking to confirm its validity may download the list directly, as above, or view the certificate itself to see if it was issued by one of the accredited certification bodies.  In addition, accredited SA8000 certificates contain an accreditation mark issued by SAAS.